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Psychic Reader in D.C. & Virginia

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Psychic Jethro

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Jethro smith

Certified Psychic Medium - Certified Tarot Reader - Certified Reiki Master  - Reverend - Author

$70 1/2 Hour Phone Session

$125 1 Hour Phone Session

$150 1 Hour Office Session

$40 eMail Three Questions

(provide two recent photos)

2331 Mill Road Suite 100 Alexandria, Virginia 
22314 USA

Digital photographs sometimes reveal orbs.  

Are you curious about the orb in your photo?

Is it a ghost? an angel?

Jethro sees orbs naturally and was trained and mentored preschool by metaphysical masters.

Email Photograph:  JethroHelps@gmail.com

1/2 Hour Phone or Office Session 

$70​ (reg. $95)  

Email Reading Three Questions


Orb Photograph Reading


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Jethro Smith, part Native American Indian, was born with the gift of sight. Extraordinarily gifted, Jethro's abilities became public at the age of eight.  

Elementary school friends for whom his prophecies came true

and their children, who he predicted, remain today as lifelong clients.